Alix & Max

Alix and Max's wedding day started with a traditional ceremony at Max's family home, followed by a banquet and then a visit to his grandmothers place.

Then it was time for a garden ceremony at the Mecure with many more of their friends and family. This was followed by photos of the guests with Alix and Max - I was impressed the couple stayed completely smiley thoughout! :) There was then a bit of time for some photos of Alix and Max by themselves and with their bridal party before it was time to head indoors and start the reception.

There were some great speeches, nice food and lots of fantastic company thought the night. When the dancing started it was an amazing party atmosphere that continued on into the night!

Congratulations Alix and Max!

Wedding details

Wedding Date: 08 April 2017
Photographer: Tate Needham
Reception: The Mecure - Olims

Mobile Album (iPhone, iPad & Android): Install