Anna & Colin

Anna was just having the final touches done to her hair and makeup when we arrived, but was well organised and running perfectly to schedule.

Once Colin arrived at the Hyatt and got all dressed up, we wandered around getting photos of the bridal party in various locations throughout the hotel before Anna changed into another wedding dress and hopped into the car for the short trip to the ceremony.

Following a lovely ceremony at St Andrew’s church in Forrest in which Anna and Colin became husband and wife, it was off to the Sculpture gardens for some more photos of Anna and Colin before making our way to the Boathouse so Anna could change into another gown for the reception. A delicious meal was had, songs were sung, speeches made, a few tears shed and the cake was cut before, you guessed it, another gown change for Anna. Such a beautiful day to celebrate the marriage of this special couple.

Congratulations Anna & Colin!

Wedding details

Wedding Date: 10 December 2016
Photographers: Dave Coleman & Scot Newman
Ceremony: St Andrew's Church, Forrest
Location: National Gallery
Reception: Boathouse by the Lake

Mobile Album (iPhone, iPad & Android): Install