Nat & Dave

Dave was cool, calm and collected when I arrived at the function centre, or was it just Sean's calming influence? In any case, the place was busy with the final touches being done to the decorations and the construction of the cake. Nat and the girls were getting ready in one of the cottages, where there was much laughter and fun. And just before the girls walked down to the ceremony they even jumped on the bed - there was certainly no stress.

The ceremony was lovely, and the crowds gathered in closely - I'm glad they didn't see me standing on a high stool up the back to get a better look... After the ceremony was plenty of family and friend photos, and also one of the whole group.

After that is was off to the beach for the bridal party. It was definitely shoes off to feel the sand between the toes and some more photos on the beach and the rocks.

Congratulations Nat & Dave!

Wedding details

Wedding Date: 27 February 2016
Photographer: Tate Needham
Other locations: Bawley Bush Retreat
Hair & Makeup: Deahne Brumfield Bridal Makeup Styling

Mobile Album (iPhone, iPad & Android): Install