Rose & Mana

Rose & Mana had a gorgeous ceremony in the Margaret Whitlam Pavilion with a magnificent view overlooking Canberra. All their friends and family had gathered, from near and afar, to witness their wedding and wish them all the best for a long and happy marriage. After the ceremony, everyone mingled to congratulate the couple and just as the sun was setting the bridal party took a quick trip to Diary Farmers' Hill for some photos while the guests enjoyed canapés and drinks as the warm light faded behind the hills.

It was a quick trek across to the main function centre for the reception, this time with stunning views over the Canberra lights. There were heartfelt speeches, a lot of chatting and mingling, and then Rose and Mana cut the cake with everyone watching on.

Congratulations Rose & Mana!

Wedding details

Wedding Date: 23 April 2016
Photographer: Tate Needham
Ceremony: Arboretum
Location: Arboretum
Reception: Arboretum

Mobile Album (iPhone, iPad & Android): Install